The Bounds overstepped

I rarely write straightaway after flipping the last script of a book.

However, this time I feel like I was ,out of the blues, dropped into a desert barefoot, then what?

Sue Monk Kidd, blindly and smoothly locked me into a pin drop virtual room, curtains closed, and led me into a story that robbed me of my current existence.

As I was finishing the last pages of ‘The Invention of Wings’ novel, my heart was literally racing and my eyes consuming as many words as possible just to find out if Sarah Grimke, Handful and Sky accomplished to escape from the torturous city of Charleston.

The beauty of such books is that you think there is more to read. No sooner than you flip to the next and read the title Author’s Note, then you realize it is dreadfully over.

A real bummer!

I learnt lessons a lot during the beautiful read:

I learnt :

  • How to interrupt my routine waves of life so as to walk to my purpose.
  • To overstep on that which is mythically considered not allowed, and break through from the chains.

Lesson from Handful and Sarah Grimke

  • To never lose a leap of faith even when things are getting worse.

Lesson from Sarah Grimke

  • However much we overshadow our purpose, it will keep crawling back to remind us it’s there.

Lesson from Sarah Grimke

  • Between a master and a slave, the only difference are the rules. Other than that, we are uniquely the same.

Lesson from the city of Charlestone

  • We should never depend on others to realize our destiny. We are our own engine.

Lesson from Nina (Angelina Grimke)

  • Unless we break the bounds that sadden  us, we will always be slaves of our own lives.

Lesson from Handful

  • Through thunders and storms, we can express a  hint of hope in our own way.

Lesson from Sky singing as she tenders the garden

  • Unless you try, you will never know you can.

Lesson from Charlotte 

  • Your life is a unique story. Embrace and guard it like a gem.

Lesson from Charlotte

  • Cruelty leads to misery; no bad deed goes unpunished.

Lesson from Missus and Little Missus Mary

  • Joy fills our hearts when we do that which is good even if we die from it.

Lesson from Denmark Vessey

  • Man and woman are different but in union with each other’s purpose, they are stronger and powerful.

Lesson from Theodore and Nina

  • Reaching our destiny requires the first step.

Lesson from Sarah and Nina

Overstepping unjust bounds prepares a cloud of hope ahead.

Happy Reading 💚


The Invention of Wings

Image Credits to:   Alex Ronsdorf


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