Never outshine the master

Law 1

The 48 Laws of Power is the best bowl of wisdom and strategy to consume every morning for breakfast for nourishment to conquer and rule rationally.

I will be sharing my delicious scoops of insights and quotes I grabbed from this potent book on each Law:


“…Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power…”

“…It is deadly but common misperception to believe that by displaying and vaunting your gifts and talents, you are winning the master’s affection…”

“…Discreet flattery is much more powerful…”

“…Act naive…”

“…A master who cannot bestow on you the gifts of his experience may direct rancor and ill will at you instead…”

“…Make it clear that your advice is merely an echo of his advice…”

“…If you can make your master shine even more in the eyes of others, then you are a godsend and you will be instantly promoted…”


You are a star among many stars and Your Leader is the Sun.

The stars emit beautiful light during the night and brighten the Sky but at no point do they outshine the Sun.

The Sun is still the Brightest!

Thank you Robert Greene.

Happy Reading 💚


48 Laws of Power

Image Credits to:   Giammarco Boscaro



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