The cutting-edge avalanche

Just scanned my room to find the closest technology I could find.

98% of us spend a large percentage of our time on mobile devices.

As you are reading this, am sure some of you are on your mobile web browsers.

Please don’t stop there.

I can’t press out enough how intoxicating it was flipping through The Circle by Dave Eggers.

I was Mae Holland.

I was literally Mae Holland joining this Tech World and discovering the truth behind Technologies making work easier.

I kid you not, at some point, I started projecting in my head the gaps I could fill in at my work place.

Wouldn’t a beautiful library with glass walls amazeballs?

Like seriously, our clients would be comfortably certain that we are High-Tech no joke!

Mind you, as I thought of this, I had dived into more than 200 pages until things started getting weird.

I have a rhetorical question: how would you feel if you were constantly watched by billions of people in the world?

I am not talking about Reality Shows.

Let’s admit it, if they are reality shows why do we only see bits and pieces.

I am talking about transparency in 3D.

No scratches, no edits, no deletes.

Fresh and raw.

I know some of you can’t fathom being watched doing certain things.

Neither can I.

That is the point where Mae began to tick me off with the whole cutting-edge avalanche.

She convinced herself that it was all about humanity; all about equality.

But was it? Was it Mae?

Such a mind blowing book.

Any Tech Freak and Nerd would enjoy such a read.

Just between us, I even had a dream I bought a copy for my boss and left it on his table, from Anonymous.

I know, kinda dorky, but what still feels messed up to me is when someone tracks my every move thanks to technology.

If some of the technologies mentioned on The Circle are out there, then the dome is yet to unfold and the circle will soon curl into completion.

Try and imagine I said the last words using Morgan Freeman’s voice.

The Chills!

Happy Reading 💚


The Circle

Image Credits to:   Domenico Loia



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