It always bothers me when one airs out another’s flaws disgustingly.

It gets me thinking, are you god?

If not, you damn well have made mistakes as much as the next guy.

Don’t get me wrong: there is correcting as a friend or a genuine person and there is poking into other people’s businesses so as to feel good about yourself.

Our lives are like unique black spotted coat of a Dalmatian dog.

They are such beautiful animals due to their spread out black spots on their white fur.

Our mistakes are the spots and learning from our mistakes and and growing from them is what makes life beautiful.

In Flawed by Cecelia Ahern, I can’t help but admire Miss Celestine North.

She was once perfect but after making a regretful and yet not regretful mistake, she is punished by the people she least expects.

But most importantly, she begins to see things clearly; how her society has been wrong all along, and how all this time the perfect ones are the ones imprisoned in a cage without compassion and logic.

She embraces her flaws and is determined to change the society to one that; embraces imperfection as perfect and takes the courage to be human enough to break rules and saves lives.

As humans, we are born imperfect.

Our flaws mold and distinguish us beautifully.

Not only that, our flaws TEACH  us.

And learning is a continuous process, a part of what makes life worth living.

I will quote the beautiful Cecelia Ahern, “…None of us are perfect. Let us not pretend that we are. Let us not be afraid that we’re not. Let us not label others and pretend we are not the same. Let us all know that to be human is to be flawed, and let us learn from every mistake made so we don’t make them again…”

Thank you Cecelia Ahern.


Happy Reading 💚




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