I read non-fiction books but man!

Isn’t Master Sun Tzu a tough one!

With his words you either get it or you don’t.

Full stop!

There is no such thing as understanding halfway.

Halfway to Master Sun Tzu is unacceptable.

I am thankful for the commentaries by the likes of Cao Cao and Zhang Zu who were able to interpret to my layman mind what Master Sun Tzu’ s sayings meant.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu may first be intimidating and underestimated for people in the military, but it touches on our social and political aspects as well, for example, how leaders can bring victory to our companies/ nations.

My favorite interpreter whom I understood the most was Zhang Yu (SUNG DYNASTY, 960-1278).

For this book one needs to be patient to learn and understand how to apply.

I had read two fiction books while still pacing on this one.

I felt like I was reading a set book that I analyzed and I would need to refer to in my lifetime.

It was a tough nut but I starred many points that got through to me easily.

In the future, I may need an action or two in my career.

It is now a part of my reference books.

One of my favorite commentaries in the book is by MENG SHI:

“What is best is a quick victory and a speedy return.”

Praying for our warriors who are still fighting for peace to have a quick victory and a speedy return to their loved ones.


Happy Reading 💚


The Art of War


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