The sudden lightning

Wrecked at heart,

Shaken to the bone,

Burst into tears,

Racked with pain.

These are the kind of sentiments we have when lightning suddenly strikes in our lives.

Shock hits harder than a big hammer on one’s foot.

Fear is inevitable.

Our minds whirl too fast that the wheels tear too quickly to get us crazy.

Crazy enough to do the unspeakable!

Crazy enough to welcome weakness to our territory!

At some point in this vale of tears, life is normal until thunder strikes, a big storm cracks all the barriers.

There is no prevention for such matters because no man has control over nature.

Andrew and Camryn , from The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski, flooded their passion and love to my heart enough times than I can express.


I missed my best friend just by every detail of things.

The sudden lightning that hit them taught me that we should always embrace life at the present.

We never know what tomorrow holds but the experiences at the present bring hope for tomorrow.

With the happiness that they shared in each other’s lives, the lightning that struck couldn’t make a single crack to their love.

We can never sense when it is coming, but we can strengthen our pillar with love and a little bit of happiness each day.


Happy Reading 💚


The Edge of Never


2 thoughts on “The sudden lightning

    1. Hey darl … I love Dystopian, Fantasy, Inspirational, Romance anyone 🙂 , Spiritual – the likes of Paulo Coelho … I am a flexible little bee hehe …. Thank you so much for your sweet feedback … you are just the bomb diggity ♥♥♥


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