It is easy to say ‘I have a purpose in this life‘.

It creates that self worth to you and the people around you.

But the MAIN questions are, ‘Do you truly believe it? And are you certain you know your purpose and that it’s not an illusion of what you actually want?’

Unleash your Purpose by Myles Munroe is an eye opener to anyone’s life and a detailed book that overflows with clear truths that are described from the Bible (God’s Word).

It’s heart warming to have someone talk to you about God and clearly show you how God is not as complicated as the world tries to portray.

God’s desire for us is one – For you and I to do that which is right and live by the purpose He created us for.

Distractions will always try to ruin the paths ahead of us but we need to be strong and overcome them so that our lives are fruitful and pleasing to God.

God loves us, He wants us to be His children and live life as He intended it to be.

It is possible and achievable.

It is living with a purpose.

This book is genuinely a collection of true wisdom.

Thank you Myles Munroe, Rest in Love.

Here are some of my favorite quotes by Myles Munroe to revive you back to your purpose whenever you feel you are drowning into oblivion:

“You are designed for your purpose. You are perfect for your purpose”

“Never try to become like someone else.”

“You are the way you are because of why you are.”

“Your birth is evidence that your purpose is necessary.”

“You were born with and for a purpose.”

“Purpose cannot be fulfilled in isolation.”

God’s purpose is not hindered by your past.”

“God never made anything just for the fun of it.”

“Ignorance of purpose does not cancel purpose.”

“Abuse occurs whenever we don’t use something according to its creator’s intentions.”

“Only God knows the purpose for your life.”

“Your design is perfect for your purpose.”

“You have what you need to be who you are.”

“Potential is equal to purpose.”

“God provides for His purposes, not our plans.”

“Your plans do not and cannot change God’s purposes.”

“What God calls for He provides for”

“It is useless to keep track of time if there is no end towards which we are moving.”

“God makes everything beautiful in the time He gives it.”

“…In essence, life is not measured by duration, but by donation. From God’s perspective, ” Well done” is more important than “Long Lived”… “

“…it is vital for you to capture and maximize the time of your life…”

“Time is always given for the completion of purpose.”

“Killing time is not murder; it is suicide.”

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalms 90:12)

“Obedience is doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.”

“Death has an assignment.”

“Killing is death before the completion of purpose. Dying is death after purpose has been fulfilled.”

“Satan uses death for termination. God intended death for transition.”

“Life with purpose is precise and directed. Life without purpose is depressing.”

“Purpose protects you from being busy but not effective.”

“Goals create priorities, determine decisions, dictate companions, and predict choices.”

“Purpose serves as a guide for determining the best path to a predetermined end.”

“Life without specific, measurable objectives is vague and haphazard.”

“When you discover God’s purpose for your life, you can be confident and persuaded that you will succeed.”

“Purpose doesn’t make life easy. It makes it possible.”

“Purpose will ultimately triumph.”

“Purpose keeps you focused.”

“Joy in the midst of hell is the hallmark of those who have truly found God’s purpose for their lives.”

“To discover how to live with purpose we must return to God, who is the Author of purpose.”

“Everything has a God-given purpose.”

“God predestines everything so that the purpose preceded the destination.”

Jesus intended for us to think of God as our Father, and ourselves as His children.”

“God doesn’t want us to develop holiness, because He never intended that we would not be holy.”

“God wants you to be a child after His Heart.”

“Ignorance is dangerous because it permits the possibility that we will live all our lives and never know why we lived.”

“Knowledge without understanding gives a false sense of security.”

“It is better to do what God tells you to do than to do something nice for God.”

“…Disobedience is always wasteful and destructive because it reveals a pride and a presumptuousness that will ultimately destroy the person and forfeit the execution of purpose…”

“…We dare not assume that others are wasting their lives if their actions and understandings are not the same as ours. By this world’s standards, their lives may appear to be wasted, but Kingdom values are the only standards that count. Doing good does not always equal doing right…”

“We have confused success with fulfillment, accomplishment with satisfaction, and achievement with peace.”

“Success can only be defined by purpose and measured by obedience.”

“Purpose is doing not a good thing, but the right thing.”

“True freedom and fulfillment are possible only as you discover and understand your personal purpose.”

Be Blessed Loves and…

Happy Reading 💚


Unleash your purpose

Image Credits to:  Chelsea London Phillips


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