Keep your powder dry

“Do I trust him/her?”

A question we often ask ourselves whenever we have an encounter with other humans.

We filter our stories whenever we are around them, we keep a minimal physical contact and even examine their good actions towards us.

What we are doing at that moment in time is keeping our powder dry.

Trust is overrated and it is a foundation that people fear to mold on because of the human mind.

It’s like a building with huge pillars inside.

The pillars play an essential part to the foundation of the building.

If one pillar is demolished, the building will surely fall and cause destruction.

This destruction is what most people try to escape from.

Therefore, we keep our powder dry as we give a person a chance.

Just In case!

In Half Wild by Sally Green, Nathan was not ready for his fate.

His friend Gabriel tried to bring out the truth but he wouldn’t listen.

He put full trust on a fellow human when he barely knew her because of Love.

Trust and Love is enough to blind a strong powerful human.

He did not keep his powder dry thus when destruction came, he was ruined with all that was around him.

Trust requires understanding.

If you have no understanding, then you are ignorant, and ignorance is a bitch; a BIG one.

In relationships, Love and Trust are key but Understanding is an action to live by.

It creates a foundation for the two.

But if you don’t fully trust someone, keep your powder dry.

Just In case!

Don’t be Nathan, the son of Marcus.

Happy Reading 💚


Half Wild

Image Credits to:  Marc-Olivier Jodoin


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