Dance to freedom

One Stride,

One Twirl,

One Sway,

Dancing to Freedom.

Art of Speech,

Art of Expression,

Art of Connection,

Dancing to Freedom.

Sense of Wisdom,

Sense of Central Peace,

Sense of Conviction,

Dancing to Freedom.

Living from fear,

Living without doubt,

Living on the Radar,

Dancing to freedom.

The Charming Dance of Life!

The Dance that robs you from your body and lets the mind search for that which the soul thirsts for!

In The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, Athena created a beautiful dance of life that brought harmony and joy to many and opened up the minds of people on how a simple act like a dance could create a clear aura of reason in this complicated world.

Paulo Coelho, my strong voice of wisdom.

Happy Reading 💚


The Witch of Portobello

Image Credits to:  Pooja Chaudhary


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