My Rwandan Dynamite

I am a falling dried leaf with tears dried out and sadness soaked in.

In A Long Way From Paradise Surviving the Rwandan Genocide,  Leah Chishugi has illustrated painful scenes that have drenched my heart and burst my bubble of what I believed or wanted to believe that was YET contrast to the Truth.

The Real Truth of our African Landscape.

My Soul is trapped by every hard tread made by Leah trekking from Rwanda (Kigali) to Zaire, driven to the nearest access to Kenya and escaping to Dar es Salaam with an aim to reach to South Africa.

All along, she held her strength and hope close to her chest; her baby Jean-Luc.

I envisaged the bloody roads and slaughtered bodies to the toxic atmosphere that controlled all my fears and depressions at the present.

How she got through to saving more children , sleeping through the night around dead bodies, changing names depending on the safe Countries to be related to, cheating death, reuniting with her ‘assumed’ dead husband, experiencing the black and white people distinction and raising her child through the chaotic world around them is beyond my understanding.

Miracles do happen and I saw so much luck her way enough to admit that despite her asking why God disowned Rwanda, God intervened in different scenarios.

Her struggle to stay alive gives me a strong fuel to boost me in the New Year 2017.

Whenever I feel I can’t do something, I will always remember the efforts made by Leah Chishugi during the Rwanda Genocide so as to keep me alive and determined.

Thank you Leah Chishugi.

Happy Reading 💚


A Long Way from Paradise



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