Holding Up The Universe Together

With the madness in this world, having someone have your back is like having on a silky white sleeveless dress, with small black butterfly prints, that accentuates your marinated coconut oiled skin.

It is heart warming to be assured that you are not alone, you are not perfect, but you are WANTED. You may feel like an albino rhinoceros around your squad, but your beauty can easily be embraced by those who focus on your TRUE nature.

We all have our insecurities, but different arenas face them away. Some examples are, when one genuinely puts a smile on your face creating an atmosphere where you don’t worry whether you look like sponge bob or princess Jasmine, when one holds your confidence whenever you are piled up with doubts and when one stands by your goals and holds up the universe for you.

It’s Love. It’s the Company. It’s knowing that this one person will walk on the tarmac or in the mud just to bring you hope and happiness.


Happy Reading 💚


Holding Up the Universe

Image Credits to:    A. L.


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