Secluded Thoughts – ONE

Hello Human
The moon followed me home tonight.
My knight and shining Armour, literally!
I couldn’t help but stare at it through the bus window.
Nothing else would compare to the beautiful bright beam of hope ahead of me.
Funny, everyone else kept looking anywhere else other than its light.
Couldn’t they feel that welcoming aura?
The moon had come to take all my worries and run off with them,
To leave me at ease, safe and hopeful for tomorrow.
Why me Moon?
Why follow me all this way?
Even as I peek at my bedroom window, you are still there.
Watching all so silent…
The luminous light forms a beautiful dome to hinder my dreams from floating away.
To hold on to them till they come true.
‘Make a wish,’ The Moon says.
‘I wish for Peace and Love to flow immensely from this night henceforth’, I say
‘But why Peace, Sweet cheeks?,’ The Moon asks.
‘Because with those two together, creates life.’ I say.
‘Life..hmm.’, The Moon thinks.
I wait for his next statement…and wait…
Why isn’t he saying anything?
The more I wait, the brighter he shines.
Did I say something wrong?
Have I disappointed my Knight?
‘There there, why so many questions? Why do you worry so much?’, The Moon asks.
I start to cry.
I cry until I fall asleep.
I cry because I realize,  with my hesitant self, I am already breaking my wishes.

It should all start with ME.
Farewell Moon…


Happy Reading 💚



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