The Unknown Genesis

   Too cold. It was all too cold for me. My heart had its struggles with my tear glands. The lights outside the premises were dim enough to hide the tears rolling down my visage. The trees were silent tonight. No conversation whatsoever. The sky couldn’t hand over to me a few nimbus clouds and let the rain pour over me, heavily!
Call me emotional, but seeing him that way, oh Lord! My second name means Strong Woman according to my grand ma’, but I sure as stars cling to the sky couldn’t handle the situation. It was one thing to hurry to the hospital, and another to see a loved stuck in a bed with side rails, a thin mattress base with the head slightly raised and surrounded with a curtain that looks like my high school dining table cloth that separates him from another patient.
When I was young, my dad wanted us to be doctors. Looking at it now, I would have been the worst of their kind. I am too emotional to make a German Shepherd cry. That day seated side by side with his wife, as she cleaned the little drops of tears from his eyes and held down for his man, my mind went all philanthropic and my reasons to live were refreshed.
Family, Good Friends, Happiness, Food, Unity, Charity, you name it.
I walked through a dark tunnel that day. I crawled my way to comfort and God drove me closer to purpose.
My Unknown Genesis – next to roses and thorns, between the sky and sand.


Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to:    Hisu lee



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