Black Don’t Crack

​I was lost in a new country and forced to accept the new normal.
I felt the itchy stares around me. You would think it’s a new species that had come alive right in front of them. How is it that I was still in my own continent but I wanted to run off to oblivion.
I had no access to any mobile network. I was sure my mum was worried sick. I was entangled with the clouds for four hours right after being stuck at the  airport for another two,  and now that I had contact with mother Earth I couldn’t access my luggage.
Okay, let me get this right. No luggage, alone in a foreign country, no network, holding onto the only details to my destination hotel and I have enough melanin to be deported for any reason.
Take deep breathes girl! You are flawless with skin that feels like butter, smells like coconut because of your Zoe Body Oil and has a beautiful gradient of two shades that accentuates your Alpha!
They are just jealous… You are the beauty that there is.
That is what I told myself until I met a woman who , for some reason thought I had an airborne disease, since once I tried to ask her a question she held on to her bag so tight and stepped far away as she stared at her phone.
Giggles!! Didn’t she know if I wanted to rob her, I would do it in my home country. We do have people making a living out of it. If I made her flinch that bad, I wonder what a real thief would do to her. So arrogant!
I recall every detail of that experience but this is the first time writing it down.
When I was lost in a one way conversation with Gabrielle Union in a cozy pub with caramel skinned men around and the smell of nice wine in front of us, I relieved the past scene.
I kept on saying ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’.
She was feeling me, I was feeling her.
Damn it, as long as there was food and a place to lay my feet I would listen to her the whole night.
Being a strong black woman, and being a strong black woman who speaks out are two different human beings.
I would tell you one thing though, from Gabrielle Union’s book, I was called to mind that Africans are not the only ones sidelined. As long as you have that EXTRA MELANIN in you, you are bound to taste a cup of ‘you know what’.
I never thought I would experience it at an early age but no bother.
Because Black don’t crack baby!
We are as strong as the pigments on our skin.
We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union is a beautiful read of a colored woman who survived in the detours of life, from the hilarious ones, relatable ones ( at some point I was a nag because of saying ‘me too me too’ and stealing her thunder ) to the painful ones.

Happy Reading 💚


We’re Going To Need More Wine

Image Credits to:    Trevor Cole


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