I am born to be bold, I cannot fidget because that means He has a reaction on me.

Would I be human to ignore his scent far from where I am seated? I mean my cold wine is getting warm because my own blood wouldn’t co-operate. He sinfully stands all scrumptious with his confident suit touching his cuffs to show control. As long as he doesn’t speak to me and his deep voice doesn’t flow through my auditory vestibular nerve, I will be fine. I have to be fine.

I need to keep calm because he is heading this way. Is this fetish, fling, lust? Definitely not love. Love couldn’t be this confusing. When he gives me that hard stare, will we end up talking or challenging ourselves physically? He knows what I want but I can’t barely say it because I am fighting with four gods in me, my mind, body, heart and soul.

What do I hate about him? His muscular hands that would raise me from the waist high and decline me to his large lips that I would feast in intentionally and leisurely? Or is it his bad boy look that dares me to dig through my mind to the unknown and unexplored?

I am walking my butt out of here. Different strokes for different folks ladies and gentleman. Even if he became mine, I would be having heart attacks or strokes through such repeated feelings and reactions.

I will wait.

I will wait to find one who will allow me to have high self esteem without it being tested all the time, give me room to improve myself, engage through all my insecurities and manage them, and have someone to hold me down when am about to put my guard down.

The Wait by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good is a beautiful story of two territories that joined together in a systematic manner, respecting the nature of the earth and merged in sensible motion at the right time without collision and destruction.


Happy Reading 💚


The Wait

Image Credits to:    Yun Heng Lin


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