Shonda Rhimes has become my obsession.

I am inspired, re-molded, uplifted, encouraged and feel unstoppable.

I am a bad ass! Yes, I said it. It sounds just right to the tongue, like a new taste joined the club. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Bad ass.

Badassery is the new game to every girl or woman out there.

It is our way of saying we have a purpose in this world, we will walk on stones, drag ourselves to the mud, stand on steep hills, reach to the top and shine our hearts out.


” However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”  ~ Stephen Hawking


I discussed my way through some Q&A on Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Please share yours.

  1. Shonda Rhimes has spent her entire life “making stuff up” and was lucky enough to make a career doing something she loves that comes naturally to her: writing fiction. Why, then, do you think it is such a challenge for Shonda to write this book and to tell the truth about herself? Because Shonda Rhimes is an introvert.Deep.To the bone. I get her, am all about that life too.
  2. Why does Shonda decide to spend a year saying yes to things that scare her? It was a challenge ignited when her sister Delorse made her aware that she never said yes to anything Do you think she makes the right choice? Yes If you were in her place, would you have committed to a Year of Yes?  I would have done the same Why or why not?  Because it is life changing and Yes to things of good intentions bring the best out of us.
  3. Compare Shonda’s previous experiences with publicity and media appearances, such as the TCA panels or the Oprah interview when  she was “a walking panic attack” (p. 40) to her publicity experiences as the Yer of Yes progresses. How does the Dartmouth commencement speech act as a turning point?  it was the first thing she said yes to. It was the first time she took herself out of her comfort zone and the most terrifying.
  4. How does Shonda’s sense of humor affect her experiences throughout the Year of Yes?  It helps her cope with the fear and improves the uncomfortable states she was in to comfortable Does it help her along the way, or does she use it as a shield? Truly helps her.
  5. Early on in the Year of Yes, publicist Chris calls Shonda out to prove that it’s not just big talk and to hold her accountable to saying yes to publicity opportunities. Why is having a strong support network so important? It decreases stress and creates that comfort that you are not alone. You gain the energy, morale and positive attitude to keep on. How does it affect Shonda’s success and motivation? She completed her Year of Yes Project, got involved in a number of events, bonded more with her family, and she spread the YES mentality through her life afterward.
  6. What does Shonda learn from her own characters, such as Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy? To be your true self and embrace it despite the enigma
  7. How does motherhood change Shonda’s priorities? She says Yes to Play.  How does it change her relationships with and perspective on working mothers? Being a mother is not a job, it is not work, if it was she would have resigned like any other job. It is her life.
  8. Saying yes began to take Shonda away from home too often, away from her children, and from sleep. How  does saying yes to saying no allow the pendulum swing back to moderation? She said yes to All Play and No Work How does Shonda’s family help ground her? They provide the support system when it comes on Emerson, Beckett and Harper, Shonda Rhimes Kids.
  9. Shonda writes about the importance of uninterrupted time for yes, for love, for what makes us happy; with no cell phones, laundry, or growing to-do lists to get in the way. What can you do in your own life to be more present, to give your uninterrupted attention to your loved ones?  No cell phones and more time for table talks, quality time when eating and some peace and quiet in the night is precious.
  10. How was Shonda’s relationship with food and her own body changed by saying yes? She lost a lot of weight and got healthier in the process. Not only was her brain in just a container but a container with good engines and running stable.
  11. Shonda is often recognized as a trailblazer for the way she portrays diversity in her shows(which he calls just plain normal), and the stakes are often very high for Shonda as F.O.D. (First. Only. Different.) How does the pressure affect her and her pursuit of yes?  She is forced to prioritize on certain aspects of her life. Do you think she embraces her role as “trailblazer”? Yes Why or Why not? Because she is the bad ass of all bad asses, from her home with the help of Jenny McCarthy to her work.
  12. Consider this passage as Shonda reflects on the difficulty many women have with accepting a compliment: “When you negate someone’s compliment, you are telling them they are wrong. You’re telling them they wasted their time. You are questioning their taste and judgement” (p. 193). How does saying yes change the way Shonda thinks about giving and receiving compliments? She says thank you and shuts up How does this affect her overall confidence? It brings happiness and enjoyment to know that you don’t need to doubt yourself. You are the compliment you are given. 
  13. While it was difficult (okay, maybe excruciating), what does Shonda learn from her realization that she doesn’t want to get married? She was truly and genuinely happy about it. What would you have done in her situation? Rejoiced Why? Because I finally realized my true existence and being married was not one of them, thus the delays and uncertainties.
  14. Shonda writes that when she does something, she really does it and throws herself into it 100 percent. What would you do if you weren’t restricted by fear? Do my 200%

Happy Reading 💚


Year of Yes


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