Color Me Wealthy

Over the years, my dreams took the smallest steps towards an imaginary oak.

Where a fairy looked right into my soul and opened doors of opportunities.

My lifestyle groomed from top-down.

I no longer had to hide from fear, the precursor to bravery.

Money creates that smoke of epiphany.

Just the thought of slowing down a Range Rover Evoque right at the entrance of the extraordinaire Le Cinq Restaurant and gently taking out one foot after the other to display my Louboutin red bottoms as I delay shortly and intentionally for that public visual longing, is a big turn on.

Obviously, the common piece of salacious gossip would be a man extracted this diamond in a rough.

Because women cannot make it on their own or testosterone is a power ball to success?

21st century anyone?

After a panic attack one night I realized that life is more than dreaming and having, more than plating and eating.

It was just the first season of my Series and if I was not careful it would be my last.

Having no money?

No green paper to exchange for food?

That night I could hear each of my heavy breaths.

I walked right at my window, stunned by how silence crawled timidly below the beautiful moonlight.

The universe had found a way to make money the new Oxygen.

Everything has a price tag now, even taking a pee at a public toilet. Just a pee! Come on now…

An old friend quoted to me.

To provide more oxygen to the atmosphere, we need to plant more trees.

So to earn more money, we need to plant in our minds the idea of investment diversification.


In other words, I needed to be at the wheel and call big financial shots.

Recalling what was on my bed side table, I carefully reached for my lamp stand.

Got hold of Arese Ugwu‘s best selling book, Smart Money Woman.

I was engrossed, absorbed, almost in a trance.

Transported to another reality.

Because insomnia is the companion that won’t quit.

Make money, keep it and grow it.

I lived each page in breathless rapture.

One main character leapt out at me.

And I refused to be anymore than wealthy.

Color me wealthy all the way to the top.

Rich is good, but wealthy is better.

Happy Reading 💚


The Smart Money Woman


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