A Touch of Hope

Afloat from all the everyday shenanigans,

I am centered only on the most beautiful scene I have had the chance to view after a very sweaty day.

Those Marabou Storks are just flaunting, aren’t they?

Posing elegantly at the peak of the tree with an aligned layer of branches as their runway before the warm touch of sunset.

Not in the care in the world who is watching or not watching.

I wouldn’t blame them.

If only I could find my way up on those trees without breaking any branch and lightly float away from the noise, suffocation and worries.

Will I get home safe or have a car crash like yesterday?

Just the thought creates a vivid splash of the scene.

 All I know I was reading, and the next thing I was at a mid-unconscious state.

Women had their nose covered with their handkerchiefs.

The road was blooming with broken glasses.

A young man got out of his seat and walked away from the bus. He seemed to have more on his mind.

Another man was helplessly searching for his glasses.

A young girl seated at the rear seats was nose bleeding profusely, thus taken to the hospital.

It all happened at an instant, and I hadn’t realized I had a head bump.

But most of all, I was staying still because of the fear that there would be more.

Who knew, with just a turn, blood would gash out from anywhere.

A drop of fear at the ocean is enough to create ripples of weird assumptions in my head.

By the force of the universe, we were in no serious danger and finally got home.

Men and women watched us alight from the bus and noticed the bumps on our heads.

Our temporary tattoos that come with a slight ache to remind us of our short encounter with death.

Marabou Storks, just take me with you and engage me into your free spirited universe.

Your wings create a shadow of soothing comfort.

Your peace I thirst.

Featured Image Credit to:  Brooke Lark


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