Secluded Thoughts – 3

The warm dark coffee theme gets away with me.

I can’t help but want to have a throw blanky and cuddle up with a book aside with some hot café au lait, just in my own world exploring with Mr. McAuliff and trying to hunt down the people who are watching us.

You see what I did there?

Us, like it’s him and me against the world until the last flip.

I am waiting for my mister.

Voluntarily? Halfway maybe, but Yes.

Of course it is not like his deep masculine voice doesn’t drown me into nodding my head.

And his sweet choice of words make me soldier on for him till he’s done with work.

 He couldn’t be having that much control over me, now would he?

But why am I  waiting in one of my favorite cafés?

This is the second time in the week, and my regular waitress has noticed something different from my past visits.

I am ordering only tea.

“Only Tea, ma’am? “, she asks, giving me that convincing look that I need a snack on the side.

And I boldly respond, ‘Yes just tea’, and I finish in my mind with ‘and fill it up with Robert Ludlum words’.

That is the only thing I wanted to binge this season.

Why? Just because.

But this is not the first time Robert Ludlum and I have been on a rendez-vous.

Every venture, he sweeps me off my feet, saves me from danger, gets me all sweaty and muddy and well at the end I just know I am fully dressed, satisfied, if you know what I mean, and saying goodbye.

Our own universe just the two of us.

No car hooting on the road, no drunk men trying to pick a fight on each other, no calls.

Just Robert Ludlum and I in Jamaica, blending in like Bonnie and Clyde with a ray of hope that the footsteps right behind us won’t be our last.

Love me some Ludlum!

Featured Image Credit to: Toa Heftiba


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