I am Here

Hues of orange crawl into the ashy sky that flaunts the remaining touch of the sun.

The unsettled clouds shadow the ripples in the silver-blue water that fade into the background.

Dressed in a white coat with my face dominated by chunky blue spectacles, one hand holds a test tube of turquoise fluid, with the other clinging to a syringe that looks used.

On a static-control stool, black glassy elongated eyes locked into a cone-shaped face stare at me.

My body stirred up, I accidentally drop the test tube throwing the creature into panic.

My eyes effortlessly follow it go. But in just a second, it disappears into thin air.

In denial, I scramble into everything to find answers, colliding with an electron microscope with a specimen already in place.

I helplessly stare at a 50-inch screen on a wall displaying bio material in deep level.

Without realizing it, webbed fingers get hold of my wrist and a virtual screen pops up with a red headline: BREAKING NEWS.

On it displays buildings that are destroyed and deserted, flames of fire, smoke curling through the air escorted with weird shaped flying objects and, screams and cries from unseen faces.

What catches my eye is the year at the top right – 2118.

I’m in Your Future.

Happy Reading 💚


Chasing the Dime

Image Credits to: Jared Rice


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