Taking Stock: ONE

Making: Arrowroot crisps with pumpkin soup for supper.

Drinking: a cup of ginger white tea.

Reading: a new book by Danielle Steel called Magic.

Trawling: on any news based on Elon Musk, a big fan.

Wanting: some vacation away from town along with my boo.

Looking: for a beautiful wig that goes with my foreheads.

Deciding: on whether to make a banana bread or banana muffins.

Wishing: the sun would touch me once more and this time for the long haul. It’s too cold to bare.

Enjoying: the peace of mind to just breathe.

Waiting: to officially launch my blog.

Liking: the simple acts in life.

Wondering: whether I will enjoy motherhood.

Loving: the desire to be the best version of myself.

Pondering: on how many stories I could write based on every stranger I pass by.

Listening: to the silence of the night that cleanses the mind.

Considering: to venture into a new line of knowledge.

Buying: nothing for a while. Budgeting has a way of disciplining someone.

Watching: Shooter series, season 3.

Hoping: to finish reading 50 books this year as planned.

Marveling: on how far I have come with my blog.

Needing: a blender or food processor as a gift.

Questioning: on the type of car I would prefer to buy.

Smelling: the scent of rosemary in my kitchen.

Wearing: some warm clothes because this weather has no mercy.

Following: a heartwarming chef called Jasmine Macharia. She’s goals.

Noticing: that body exercise is getting easier by the day.

Knowing: that being at the present is the best life.

Thinking: of whether I will accomplish my goals by the end of the year.

Admiring: the power of mindfulness.

Getting: inspired to be my own inventor.

Bookmarking: a few delicious recipes.

Disliking: people who talk so much about themselves.

Giggling: on every episode of My Wife and Kids and Cosby show.

Feeling: hopeful and purposeful.

Celebrating: the joy of life and my 100th post on my blog.

Embracing: the satisfaction of good food.

Thank you for walking with me till my 100th-footstep.


Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to: Dan Calderwood


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