For decades,  a heavy mist of imbalance has hovered over the relationship peak.

A woman gets consumed by the man’s domain effortlessly and loses her identity.

It was called Being in Love.

I call it the State of Oblivion.

Walking down the hill, I track the footsteps of the ancestors and discover where the woman ceased following her rules.

A woman is a fertile garden ready to nurture and give life.

She holds her dreams and others’ but at some point, she gets carried away and prioritizes other’s dreams.

Guilt and depression surpass, which creates a devil within her.

Her empty soul plays the most tormenting drumbeats in the household.

Desperation knits multiple loops of expectations and misery.

She becomes her own slave.

From the ground up, I trail her first steps, destroy the merger between the couple’s steps and direct her steps parallel to her man’s to find her own destiny alongside him.

A relationship is a home where two hearts become one but individuality is a necessity that brings joy and serenity in times of solitude.

As a woman, always remember, you are the seeker of your own prophecy.

And as a man, you need a woman who believes in her worth.

Being a good woman is not about following your man’s dreams in spite of yours.

Your life has its role to the universe as much as his.


Happy Reading 💚


A Good Woman

Image Credits to: Alex Iby


2 thoughts on “Individuality

  1. ‘individuality is a necessity that brings joy and serenity in times of solitude’, I love this, I don’t know what happens, we know this but shit just happens when we get involved with someone, sigh!!! i shall be referring to this often now.

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    1. We have that nurturing spirit within us that we slip so effortlessly without realizing it. I believe reminding ourselves daily of our individual goals, purpose or desires could snap us out more often and keep us alert on the road ahead.

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