Frozen time

The stars here are different from there.

The hardest part is always adopting to the different atmospheres.

I have been stuck in this transition for years and both spheres have filled my cup.

I shut down where joy finds me that night.

On an early rise the beautiful sun visits my office desk dropping the right amount of shade on the 43-inch monitor tearing down code as I play around with symbols on the glass board.

It’s a sign of a good execution day.

I’m an Engineer.

After hours of extensive discovery, with a little help of electricity, I explore a journey in a high-speed rocket and crawl back into my orange themed apartment warmed up in my blue scrubs with a pink fluffy key holder dangling at my waist and polished nails.

I’m a doctor.

I’m a harmless meta-human juggling with two universes at the same time,  never growing old since I turned 25.

In 400 years I’ll discover myself in another universe.

Till then let me be your perfect stranger in my frozen world.


Happy Reading 💚


A Perfect Stranger

Image Credits to: Bronwyn


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