I stood between Mahogany doors of the Church tower en route to the altar  marveled by the pew floral bows that blended with the floral petals lining the aisle.

I was dressed in a white off-the-shoulder laced wedding gown that coned my upper body to the waist perfectly and let loose at the bottom caressing my ample hips.

My forehead was complemented with a double braided Updo with a strand of hair curled down on the side and the veil pinned to the back.

Right ahead our eyes met and his reaction was enough to describe how I looked, which was more fulfilling than staring at the mirror.

With my lips coated with strawberry lip balm, my smile broadened with so much ease.

I was in a pure trance until my old man held on to me and we took our first steps to the reason why I took my first-ever bikini wax (pain doesn’t begin to describe it) , tried eyelash extensions because my makeup artist said so and visited a very old friend called the gym everyday for one month to tone myself.

I was helplessly in love and ready to be his.

I stared at my bouquet with tints, shades and tones of pink that made my heart leap and burst with eagerness.

Standing right in front of him, my gaze was on his charcoal grey slim suit that accentuated his best features and his big eyes guarding me like a little girl.

I felt tears come to join the party and I allowed them.

I was happy and his hands over mine assured me he was happy to.

Our hearts were full and it was just the beginning.


Happy Reading 💚


Honeymoon in Paris

Image Credits to: Nathan Dumlao


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