His rebound

I trudge along the city of the Haves and Have-Nots minding my steps, oblivious to my incoming calls.

Shaded leaves create a concoction of yellow, orange and brown as my ‘red’ carpet, welcoming a gloomy soul drenched in sorrow.

The darkness hides my bleary-eyed face with my eyes glazed with a glassy layer of tears.

I clutch my mouth to prevent any thunderstorm forming from my tormenting thoughts and force a miserable smile to the owl, camouflaged on a tree trunk,  for it to carry on, to dismiss any bad luck.

My last steps lead me to the one place I long to leave in every sunrise and dread to stay with the setting sun; my daily reality sandwich that I bite with so much bitterness.

Behind the front door lurks the jaws of low spirits roaming around and syncing with the only voice that crashes my zen.

The one that said ‘I do’ to me, afterwards, ripping my bag of happiness to dry from the scorching sun.

The only thing that sets me back in my feet is the hope that once I was his chosen ice for his whiskey and not the used tea bag that he’s stranded with.

We are detached with very heavy expectations that creates a black hole in our living room big enough to snatch my heart and leave me dead.

Perhaps he’ll be happy then.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Kristina Tripkovic



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