Her maple tree had flowered through the season, fresh chestnut red, looking scrumptious and well fed.

Her fruit was ready to be plucked and her swollen roots and worn-out trunk couldn’t help but sing out loud ‘Hallelujah’ by Tori Kelly.

10 km away from her family, deserted in a strange country with her beloved husband, she was filled with immense discomfort.

Her obsessive desire of being anywhere but in her continent that held her from time of birth was bearing very bitter lemons.

Dressed in a labor gown with no bottoms, she took penguin steps in agony controlling her breathing outside the door that awaited her.

She never thought her bohemian home would be her delivery destination not until she discovered she was pregnant. Now the walls would age rapidly from the undying screams.

Once the door was open, with the help of her midwife she walked towards the blue birth pool and immersed herself experiencing a warm sensation that reduced the storm of sharp pains in the abdomen.

She pushed her way through with her husband standing right beside her cheering on.

In a jail cell of pain, she felt her flesh stretch and slightly tear before she crowned.

Waiting for the cry faintly, her body then collapsed and all went dark.

In her next rise, she found herself in a hospital bed connected to IV. Her eyes barely open, her husband smiled and spoke to her softly which sounded gibberish to her at first.

He stepped away for a minute and returned with their beautiful new born swaddled in a pink blanket.

Her face sagged and she pressed the Nurse call button.


Happy Reading 💚


The Sun and Her Flowers

Image Credits to:  Leon Biss


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