I’ll be lying if I said this was an easy topic to air out.

I have had encounters with people who’ve had different perspectives on sexuality. And the beauty of being surrounded with such diversity is that you learn to be open minded to life.

In a party, I meet two well groomed gentlemen smelling like expensive wine. Their conversation is combined with a tap here and a giggle there.
My gaze halts when one of them ties the other’s loose shoelace. My mind runs with thoughts of Wentworth Miller. A random man would say,’That’s not manly’.
Another human would ask,’What’s the big deal? He’s just tying his shoelace.’ I would have stepped in and asked if only two stunning ladies didn’t arrive on their table with two glasses of champagne each. Well!

How about when a lavish lady joins a group of us with so much vigor showing affection and throwing all attractive complimentary. She finds every way to seat next to me and lightly touches my knee in-between talks. Despite that every nerve in my body believes in femininity, my mind alerts me to dismiss myself but yet again will I miss out on learning this new human just because she reminds me of Janelle Monae? Well!

Let’s take it back a notch to the table with the two men. Right at the corner is a lady dressed in red stuck on her phone and eyeing around hoping she’s not
anyone’s focus. Don’t get me wrong, her boyfriend may be somewhere getting drinks for them or she came to show up and then disappear home to explore herself and visit a few clouds while at it. Well!

Generally there is a norm on sexual orientation. But in case you take the other route to Damascus, do you truly lose your dignity? Better yet, does everything under the sun have to be a misery for you just because of society’s fear of flexibility?

To stir it up, most parents gain a sense of relief when their children fall for the opposite sex with the fear of the society lashing out and a curse fabricated upon them.

I can’t help but wonder though, if my kid’s life was on the line, what would I tell him or her?

Possibly bite the bullet. Let’s just be honest, humanity is already doing a good job killing itself, we don’t need more wood for the fire.


Happy Reading 💚


Things I Will Tell My Daughter

Image Credits to:   Sarah Cervantes


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