There comes that awkward moment when you are in a relationship, yet you don’t feel like you are in one. One reason, that is worshiped to never work, is long-distance.

Relationships are created for connection and sharing time with one another. With distance, not so much happens.

We now have Internet to create the illusion of distance, which I’m totally game for but it never gives the full satisfaction as when someone is breathing the same air next to you.

It’s just an illusion that at some point becomes boring and you will start by sending one-sentence chats, to one-word kind of chats and then silence crops in.

Let’s take out the scary cat out of the box.

In a relationship, affection is like having a morning cup of coffee daily. When long distance begins, you try to stay without coffee for healthy purposes and give yourself all the crappy validations to prevent you from stealing someone’s coffee mug.

As time flies, you wake up with regular headaches, get tired all the time, lose concentration in the office and even get depressed mood. The obvious fall back would be to find the nearest cafe and allow the coffee to reduce the suicidal thoughts.

Same with relationships, one falls back to accepting affection, and explore human connection around. Due to long distance, it ends up not being with your partner, that means other awkward moments crop up.

You try get rid of loneliness which creates fears that introduce misunderstanding and that’s when the dark clouds begin to form and you become the bad guy because of being human.

Anyone out there?


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:   Sweet Ice Cream Photography


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