Estranged cage

In my few decades on earth I can’t help but find humor in the stories based on the powers believed to cascade down a woman’s body.

If I grew up with those stories, I would be the Moon goddess who apparently slept with the Sun god.

But according to my current state it’s evident, seated helplessly in this living room, that I’m not the chosen few.

Today was one of those long work days stirred up with depression and fatigue. According to European tales, when you were on the blob, each cramp was a reminder of Eve’s original sin.

Eve, why did you give Adam the damn fruit?

My tummy keeps rumbling, not only because of the bloating but also being malnourished which according to the ancient times helped women have fewer periods. Maybe it’s not a bad idea right now since either way I would be nauseated after my third spoon.

Being a wombful of blood, I am home alone to rescue my partner from the hailstorms and lightning coming from my burning headache.

It’s absurd just how last night at the same time I was up and running but now I feel like a wild animal in rage.

I need some stillness and silence to not think or move, hopefully the prostaglandin hormones will find my body unfit to produce and disappear but the tenderness of my breasts under my silk camisole will not let me prosper and my bladder just got word that 2 liters of water was put in me.

Contemplating wouldn’t be an option unless I wanted to buy a new couch so I drag my two left feet for relief.

Afterwards, I close all the lights and throw myself into the bed not to be disturbed forever, recalling in agony, that I left my ibuprofen and glass of water on the living table.

I can’t punch my way out of anger so I stare on the wall separating the bedroom and the living room in complete oblivion.

The ibuprofen finds its way in the palm of my hand and the glass falls half way through its destination.

I swallow the medicine with my saliva and sleep.

Next morning, I see the mess and recall I did a bizarre thing last night. I don’t know who to tell  or who would believe so I keep in secrecy and practice all the more.


Happy Reading 💚


Finders Keepers

Image Credits to:   Alex Boyd


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