To My Younger Self

Hey Gorgeous,

Don’t you worry about the future. You are hitting milestones like a B.O.S.S

Your passion for reading will follow you effortlessly and it’ll still make you as happy as you are.

Never stop working hard. It’s through your efforts, desire to act and room to reason that will take you to amazing ventures.

Continue embracing the skill to listen, it will bring you closer to the top-notchers of our time.

Sadly the world will still be rotten with evil so always hold on to your principles, they will protect you.

Your life will be filled with lots of laughs. Your heart will be full.

You will excel in your studies and become a badass.

Cooking will bring you so much joy in the future and you’ll even bake your heart out.

In the future, you will learn to manage money and be a minimalist of life. Too much is clutter.

Don’t stress about relationships. God will bless you with a human where his heart and yours will intertwine and his humility and grace will fill your soul.

Spontaneously, you will fall in love with the act of gifting.

Humble yourself always and the universe will spot you for greatness.

You will learn to live in the moment and you’ll have many random conversations with God.

Your quest for independence will last forever.

You”ll be a great writer so save up on the old poetry pieces you have.

Don’t do all the crazy stuff. Always question your reason for every act. It will save you a lot.

Always believe in yourself. Your mind can do extra ordinary things.

Persevere through tough times. It will get better.

Arguments will be a thing of the past. You’ll love candid talks and sane communication.

You’ll travel a number of times. The world is your Oyster.

Your empathy will live on.

You’ll find awesome role models and mentors.

You’re good enough and you’ll have awesome friends that will praise you for that but always humble your heart and respond with genuine love.

Appreciate all that is around you and never take anything for granted.

Dreams do come true. Only Lord knows how I’m truly aware of this.

Once more, you’ll laugh a lot, I wish I was lying but am not. Your sense of humor will never die, better yet it will be mixed with some little sarcasm. Okay maybe a lot.

You’ll have so much more love to give. You wait.

Celebrate your small victories, they are a lead to the greater good.

Learn from other’s mistakes.

Never feel normal because you are not.

There will be failures but you’ll amazingly rise from them.

Silence will always be your precious homestead.

Invest in yourself.

And be your own brand.


Happy Reading 💚


The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Image Credits to:    Lee 琴


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