10 identities of men that make true love an enigma

With the different cocktails of relationships I have seen often from the corner of my eye and heard from just a couple squabble in the neighborhood, I should have done this a long time ago.

The Male slave

This is a man with the sweetest soul but for some reason there was an invisible earthquake that messed up his mind or hormones enough to fall for the arrogant type of women. He is a pet that jumps when told to jump.

The Bossy Guy

There is Denzel Washington and there is being with a man in a military type of way, always ready for war in case rules are broken and things should always be done his way. You can never take a break or joke around.

The Liar

Don’t we try to repel from this type. He gives you half information, tries to use his looks to get away from telling the truth. He is difficult to comprehend because he never talks about himself however much you try to dig in.

Mama’s Boy

He runs to his mama for anything and everything. It’s more like a security that he never wants to get rid of. If you get involved with this situation and survive tell us how you hacked it.

Clueless Guy

According to him he goes where the wind blows. He has no purpose, no long term goals and let’s time pass by. If you are a lady on a roll and going for challenges, girl just let him pass. Don’t even look at him, even if he looks like Michael Ealy.

Sex Addict

Not all men are in this category. Best believe it. There is love for sex and being addicted. This kind of troop focuses on the body, which will fade away at some point. He will get tired and go for the next.

Play Boy

This man believes he is a gift to women. He is a breed that will generalize you. If you need to be called girlfriend, then wife someday, this is not your guy. You are just like any other woman for the taking to him.

The Immature Man

Connecting intellectually with this guy is just messed up. You will feel drained, and at some point want to break the champagne at the table on his head because he doesn’t make sense.

Trophy Guy

He perfects and polishes you so that when he is among his friends, you make him look good. You are his trophy. Being any less than perfect is not an option.

Not A Gentleman

After spending time with this guy, you would wish Morris Chestnut could pass by and just give that big smile of his for hope that there are still men out there who make their women feel like a precious jewel in a box. In short, this type of guy doesn’t care about opening a door for you or pull out a chair for you in a restaurant. He believes you can do it your damn self.


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Letters to My Son

Image Credits to:    Olu Eletu


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