7 Habits that cultivate Self Compassion

Find zeal in life

It’s okay to have defect moments that make you wonder why it’s happening to you and why now. It’s okay to be human, we subscribed to the good and the bad once we were planted into this universe. But never allow a dark cloud to hover over you when you can find sunshine elsewhere. It’s always greener on another side when yours is not. Run to it and don’t look back.

Control your emotions

In this digital age, having control over your emotions is as important as going for a jog in the morning or taking 8 glasses of water. It will not only save your life but sustain your sanity. You are a growing plant, don’t deprive yourself of water and run for urine just because someone said it worked for them. Take your own path and love it in the process. For the youth, please practice social media detox for the sake of your future.

Learn from mistakes

Failure is part of success only when you pick out the mistakes, understand where you went wrong and amend yourself for the better. Even Mark Zuckerberg accepts his mistakes and affirms to the new changes he needs for his company, why not you.

Be optimistic

According to Stephen Hawking, ‘Where there is life, there is hope.’ Create goals for yourself and milestones to achieve. Challenge your mind with knowledge. Thirst for a new skill and drive your heart to care for others. Make every step on earth count by walking closer to your mission and purpose. We are given second chances every new morning, take the bait and accomplish something however small it may seem.

Be Happy

Joy is the medication that heals and restores life in every sense of the word. It reduces stress and improves your immune system. Brings out the positive side of life. Allows you not to be too hard on yourself. Creates room for better understanding and thoughtfulness . Happiness is contagious and communal. If we were all happy, we wouldn’t have had wars, rapes, suicides, theft, fights, hunger, drought and hate! Dedicate time to help others. Take a full night rest and allow yourself to unwind. Change your perspective of life and explore good horizons. Allow yourself to learn something new and always aim high, climb the ladder at your pace.


Say Thank you to yourself every day. Thank you for moving forward and not giving up. Thank you for wanting to be the best version of yourself. As much as you thank others, be thankful to your mind, body and soul for getting you this far and not quitting on you. You are worthy to be thanked. While at it, be grateful for what you have and embrace it with all modesty and humility. Take it up a notch and appreciate for what is yet to come. Believe(through hard work) and it shall become.

Self care

Escape to a serene place and meditate, be connected to silence and just be. Prepare that beautiful bath with your favorite fragrance and soak yourself into oblivion. Indulge in a new book and explore into another world. Allow yourself to be taken care of and unwind from the struggle of adulting. Focus on your well being and recharge. Take a pause and re-fill your cup.

Just breathe.


Happy Reading 💚


The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know

Image Credits to: Patrick Hendry


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