Astraeas’s cries poured in form of rain over the people on earth. It had been 100 years since she left earth and the love of her life; Love that was crashed by her father Astraeus, the god of dusk, who denied the union with a human being.

Today she stomped in the skies smashing anything on her path creating heavy earthquakes and thunderstorms on Earth.

Her mother Eos, the goddess of dawn, tried to explain to her daughter how finding a husband was beneficial to her.

Astraeas lost love once and she was not willing to indulge in it ever again but his
father couldn’t take NO for an answer.

Arrangements were made for constellation of men to avail themselves for the choosing.

Dress gowns with enchanting details were presented in her room, each for every encounter.

Being the goddess of innocence, her rage couldn’t last long enough because of her purity. Her heart ached terribly but she went along hoping she would burn out in the process.

Seated at the right side of her father on the throne, the first on the line was Sir Polaris dressed in a black cloak filled with maps changing navigation to different parts of the Earth with Arman Sarkisyan gold cuffs and his neck supporting the famous Arman Sarkisyan’s Sacred Heart locket in gold. His ego could be felt all the way from her seat – too dominant.

Next was Sir Sirius who weighed more than his height with the palest face and struggled his way to the pulpit in each agonizing step – draining to say the least.

Half way through Sir Sirius’s exit from the court room, Sir Betelgeuse ran in with enthusiasm. It was hard to ignore how huge his body was with every protruding feature. He shook every dangling item and his last step alarmed her father to stand in advance for protection. His red skinned face said it all – dangerous.

With Sir Betelgeuse escorted by five guards, Sir Rigel followed in with all modesty, 5 million years younger than Astraeas, dressed in a royal blue fitted suit with an earring on one ear and a signet ring on one finger – too pretty.

Lastly was Sir Vega who put no effort in terms of appearance. Despite his sense of humor, his hair was barely combed and dirt was smeared all over his clothes. He represented a construction site, smell of dust and concrete. By the time he left, they were all sneezing – ungroomed.

In agony, with a snap of a finger, Astraeas snatched the key around his father’s neck, ran off to the forbidden door, inserted the key and fell down to Earth as a bright star.

Her mission was to bring back utopia on Earth and die recreating the Golden Age.


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The Signature of All Things

Image Credits to: Ryan Hutton


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