Trapped in Time Story

Sasha quit being friends with the girls in the neighborhood since every time she tried to be involved, they either teased her or forgot she even existed in the circle.

She always found it peculiar listening to them because they never made sense and their sentences always started with the word ‘like’. And whenever she chipped in a conversation, all stares would be on her for just a second and then they would go back to talking about shoes or makeups, boring subjects that could not compare to the news on the successful launch of the SpaceX rocket or Bill Gates’ projects. The only way makeup would make sense to her is when it’s on Gal Gadot as Wonderman.

One afternoon, she decided to head to the park on her bicycle; an activity she did a lot with her mother but this time the mother was too busy preparing for a book club meetup so she cycled alone finally in her own fast pace.

At the park, there was an old man seated on the bench with his glasses slid down his nose as he read the Business Daily, an ice cream truck packed with young gothic customers and a young couple giggling and holding hands which Sasha found so silly. She never related to physical touch, she found it as an invasion of privacy.

Headed back, she noticed the old house which she always asked about whenever she was with her mother, who would always, for some reason, remember some task she hadn’t done and rush them home.

Her feet were giddy and her mind questioned the state of the whole house while her eyes stared at the open front door patterned with cobwebs of lines and circles. The darkness inside would trouble a grown man but Sasha’s curiosity dominated her own body.

She was already inside and she tried to consume as much as she could so that she could step out. Her body was trembling out of nervousness and inside was as cold as an Eskimo. The first room from the door was the living room and it had a portrait of an old wrinkled woman standing with the help of a walking stick. If it’s not for the wind from the window, she would have sworn she heard someone crying but it came from upstairs.

Every stair made a creaking sound and at times followed by silence then she would hear the cry once more. Taking her last step from the stairs, she saw a woman dressed in a light white female overcoat dress with a laced front, long floating sleeves and a hood. According to Sasha, she looked like an angel but this one had no wings.

‘I’m a Confessor stuck in this house and I need you to save me through these, ‘the voice said when she saw Sasha looking down the stairs out of fear. She stretched her palm and Sasha saw five kinds of medieval rings. Just as she was going to touch one, a force of some sort landed each ring on each of her fingers of her right arm.

She tried to remove them but the woman spoke in a low voice, ‘ You can’t get rid of them. You now have a mission. Only when you succeed the five quests will we both be free.’

Sasha started to run away in terror and tears cascading from her eyes with a faint voice crawling behind her, ‘Only you can see them…’

[Stay tuned for what happens next]

Happy Reading 💚


And The Mountains Echoed

Image Credits to NeONBRAND


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