Hey Ladies,

Commuting home one evening, this November, I randomly thought about how people find themselves sinking fast in bad relationship quicksand. And since I’m in the female squad, it was very easy to  dodge down these advice for the ladies, but men if you relate please take a bite off it too.


When you meet a woman who worships this statement, the first thing you think of is independence, and probably bossy because she works for what she wants. But do we blame her?

Ambition and gender do not collide at any one point. And no man, whether a father, a good-looking boyfriend or husband, has any right to tell you to tone down your desires of life just because you are a woman.

And on another note, if you are building up your dreams and actually touching them and you have a man who puts no effort to insight you or even himself to bring more to the table, you can do two things: get rid of him, or let him ride along and feel lucky he’s milking from your go-getter attitude right until you find one who appreciates his own life enough to appreciate yours, then you get rid of the other one because we NEVER EVER compromise a good life!


Now go easy on me on what am about to say. Mothers in the house, if it comes out in a bad way, please trust me it’s not in my intention. We all want our daughters to get married and have this amazing life which is a reality to some but not all.

With that said, ladies, when a man decides to lavish you with money either because you are an amazing human being, or good in bed, or taking care of a kid you have with him, or good in bed(emphasis), remember the No. 1 rule on Money: INVEST.

He decided to be your source of income and thus the best you can do is make sure the money ends up working for you at some point in time.

Don’t throw your money on anything that sparkles or looks like Kim Kardashian would wear. Take note of shares, bonds, save enough to buy lands that always appreciate. Better yet, create an empire for yourself and leave a damn legacy behind. You heard?


So your man doesn’t listen to everything you say however much it puts a big smile on your face.

Will you change your mood just because one human being among seven billion people living on earth did not even flinch by your silence? Social media anyone?

Ladies, never entrust anything precious to you to anyone so much that when they don’t give you the reaction you want, the levels of your stress hormones increase. It’s never that serious. And true happiness and satisfaction comes from within. Be selfish enough to be the authority of your own life first.

You’ll find at times, the poor guy is just too overwhelmed to hold your crap at the same time. And the moment he gets to listen and realizes you are talking about some jewelry your friend had on and leaves the room, I wouldn’t blame him. It’s better than him slamming your pretty face on the wall, No??

All I’m saying is don’t defend your ego to the extent of holding a man accountable for your faults.


Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to: Matthias Wagner


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