7 Ways Global Warming is dimming human existence

The blanket hovering over the Earth has created alarming effects that the human species may be extinct sooner than Elon Musk builds the Martian city. These are the reasons why:

Ocean acidification

The oceans are dissolving high carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and creating high acidity that is threatening the marine life.

Growth of Wildfires

With low humidity and high heat waves, when an ignition source, for example, a cigarette not put off is in contact with vegetation, a wildfire can easily occur with high intensity.


Our selfish reasons for converting forests into farms, cities and using timber for domestic use denies us the engine that absorbs carbon dioxide creating an imbalance to the atmosphere.

Sea Level Rise

Ice is melting at a fast rate expanding the oceans and affecting infrastructures at the coast and high flooding in certain areas.

The decline of Fresh Water

Change in temperature is increasing the rate of evaporation thus decreasing the supply of fresh water to the population.

Mental Health

With the temperature rising above average and strong heat waves,  the rate of mental disorders is increasing, starting with the basic and underestimated symptoms like stress, anxiety, and depression due to high chronic fevers and other climate factors that affect the body.

Changing Seasons

This year is a perfect example of the unstructured seasons we have experienced. There are periods when we expect rain, but the sun decides to dominate and vice versa. At times, we have experienced short showers and mild sunshine alternating consecutively.

Download the Climate Scorecard  PDF and use it to question and deliberately challenge yourself daily on how to make the Earth a better place. Whether the impact is small or big, the most important thing is that it’s positive.


Happy Reading 💚

Elon Musk

Image Credits to William Bossen


3 thoughts on “7 Ways Global Warming is dimming human existence

  1. 1. This is different, good job.
    2. “sooner than Elon Musk builds the Martian city”, tihihihihi, I see you!

    Also, I didn’t know this affects mental health too, thank you.


    1. 😏😎 you know I had to.
      Mental health, yes it does. I’m researching on something to confirm if that’s why we are having high rates of killings and suicides in the world. There might be a twist to it. Cheers love😘

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