Despite being raised in a royal family, Grace always had the urge to get her heels off and get her hands dirty. She would find out why the clock was not working anymore and fix it or set plaster on the cracked walls at the attic and repaint them.

She never tried to be perfect. She just tried to create a good symmetry around her. With that, she was known as a fixer. Whenever she found a hard task, you would lose your bet waiting for her to say “I can’t” or “No”.

Her mind was engineered since birth to find a problem as an opportunity to experience a burst of new knowledge which she ran with until she bumped into another challenge.

Her orbit grew and she was recognized for how effortlessly she created complex solutions with a simple button or a simple initiation. In one project, rather than giving students tablet to use, she recommended quality teachers to the ratio of a reasonable number of students which would make it easier to provide personal support to them. And a healthy personal growth creates leaders and entrepreneurs.

Moving from one continent to another, she received negative feedback because she was a woman trying to do a man’s work. On a rainy day in Nigeria, the vehicle she was transported with broke down and she effortlessly repaired the car engine disconnecting the battery to get rid of the water.

Reading a lot of books had made her a savvy mechanic and being a woman, created a lot of attention in the neighborhood. The only thing the old driver could say with worry is, ‘Please hurry and get into the car’.

She later found out how things worked. A woman had rules that she never heard before. A woman could do this and not do that. A woman could be this and not be that.

Her parents raised her knowing the world was her oyster and she was the pearl so she found it absurd with the restrictions that detained one to explore life to the maximum.

She decided to take an important mission and  reach out to the daughters, sisters, and mothers and shared this important message:

You are capable of doing anything you set your mind into. Nothing should hinder you to try. You would rather climb a small hill than not climb at all. After the small hill, you will have the adrenaline to climb higher and higher. You can reach as far as you want with the right fuel. Be kind to yourself and let positive vibes come from within first. Be your own cheerleader and take the leap of faith. Flow like a river and influence others while at it. Hold your crown high.

Happy Reading 💚


The Four Agreements

Image Credits to Church of the King



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