5 Signs that the color of Trust is pale and dead

“Let me upgrade you to the current misinformation on Love and Trust and how questions like ‘Don’t you trust me?’ or ‘You don’t love me anymore?’ is a way to make you a victim of a battle that is not yours. You are locked up in an illusion where you are certain that things are going wrong but you can’t help but wait or hope for some sign that your eyes are playing tricks on you. And the man tries to get away by asking you, ‘You don’t love me?’ or ‘You don’t trust me anymore?’ with his puppy-doll eyes. You feel estranged around this human and yet you want to cool off the tension with cold milk and make it right. But why would you? Why put so much pressure on yourself when everything is handwritten visibly in his actions? You know it in your heart that trust no longer has room for discussion.”

As late as midday, Monique found herself hooked into her new read, comfy in her couch with her pajamas. She skipped work hoping to get rid of the main garbage in her life. It had been two years being the one wearing the pants in her relationship.

A number of times she demanded a break but he would leave, laze in a bar for 2 hours, return drunk and give her the best sex of her life. He was an expert in making love and he knew that was enough to brainwash her to believe that there would be hope for them.

Now here she was, worn out emotionally and watching her friends succeed in their relationships. How unlucky could she get?

Since it was difficult to get rid of what was pulling her back, she decided to run away from it. In the course of the week, she checked out a few gated communities around and with a car, she could find one far enough from this mess.

She didn’t spill anything to her friends just in case one ratted out to him. She waited for the moving truck while having her coffee to relax her nerves and convince her mind that she was doing the right thing.

Her packing was done, leaving only his possessions on the floor. Once she left, the door would be left open for him to pick up his belongings. It was all planned out perfectly.
After a few hours, standing at the door and staring at the empty house, she couldn’t help but see her dreams go down the drain. It was worth it while it lasted. She was all done and ready for a fresh start.

Yes I don’t love you anymore,’ she told herself as she stepped out of her apartment of five years. Leaving the premises she concluded, ‘You didn’t love me either, and you know it.

Here are the signs based on Monique’s life:

1. Effectless Communication.

Whatever you say falls on deaf ears and however much you try to be kind or explain in clarity it’s useless and a waste of your time.

2. No sense of Growth.

No movement is always a sign of death, relationships are no exception.

3. Unequal Satisfaction.

A good relationship is a two-way street. The good should always spread across both of you. And if the satisfied one shows no concern for you or moves along without walking with you, my friend you have a selfish partner.

4. Imbalanced Support.

Feeding on one source to satisfy two quests reminds me of what we have done to our environment. Now we are experiencing the worst global warming in all generations. Anything imbalanced is bound to fall off and break or get destroyed.

5. Depression.

This is the highly rated mental illness in the world. And despite the many suicides and mental health issues, we still don’t categorize it as a serious condition. It’s treatable. Get on your feet, leave everything behind and find your zen till your feet get sore. Your wounds will heal the moment you find your sunny place.


Happy Reading 💚


15th Affair

Image Credits to:    Olu Eletu


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