In Dr. Strange’s reality, one of Marvel’s superheroes, a number of things never make sense but with how he draws us into his world, our minds are shaped with his reality and the impossible is mirrored to us as possible.

Before we manipulate time, let’s dress you a little with the rich blood red relic that will help you levitate and fly, and the famous Time stone (The Eye of Agamotto), one of the Infinity Stones.

Hypothetically, you stop time and only you are conscious of your surrounding. Keep in mind you are not Dr. Strange, just dressed like him.

Without any alter, the first case in point is that, in seconds, you will chock to death because the atmosphere is frozen thus the molecules in the air have stopped vibrating and cannot create oxygen.

The second case in point, if you wear an oxygen mask and the air inside the tank is not frozen, you will have a chance to see the world on a standstill around you. Hold on! The world would be black for you. You won’t be able to see anything because remember the atmosphere is frozen, that means the photons, the basic unit of all light, in the air are suspended. Creepy enough, no sound resonates through your environment so you cannot call out or shout. Bummer!

We haven’t experienced any superpower moments and life already sucks. What else could we try?

According to the rule of threes in survival, you can survive 3 days without water. That’s extra time for discovery before you die of dehydration. At this point, the Earth stopped turning, no day or night, and this reminds me of the movie Passengers but at least Chris Pratt had Jennifer Lawrence as a company. You are alone and by any chance, time unfreezes with the Earth still, you will be swept away into the atmosphere, and the effect will cause sudden death or brain damage, your call.

Thanos, Marvel’s supervillain, would snap his finger right about now but I can’t help but wonder if there is anything one could do in a time freeze. Deaf, blind, alone and about to die, that doesn’t sound like a Dr.Strange experience.


Back into time, reaching your ears and exercising your eye muscles, maybe freezing time wouldn’t be the best venture. No vision for motion. Just you and silence, and death creeping in.
Truly, according to Gary Chapman, ‘Time is a precious commodity’ in every sense of the word.

Maybe we can slow time into a crawl? Anyone up for an experiment?

Happy Reading 💚

The 5 Love Languages

Image Credits to Elisha Terada


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