Taking Stock: TWO

Making: My 2019 schedule and being intentional on what I want to do this year. Joy comes in when you try and fail than when you do nothing and regret later. As Oprah says, ‘Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.’

Cooking: My way through a few cookbooks this year. Food is an art that I want to create with so much vigour.

Drinking: Hibiscus Tea – a drink I was introduced to by a young friend of mine, Samuel, whose mind needs to be invested in Marvel or DC’s studios. A genius of his kind!

Reading: Mr Mercedes by Stephen King, the first book on the Bill Hodges Trilogy.

Trawling: One Big Happy Life Youtube Channel. I’m inspired by how Tasha and her family work on making the best out of life.

Wanting: New liberating adventures to explore this year; either alone or with family and friends.

Looking: Into the List of Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written and reading a little bit on the authors. I would love to read all of them at some point in life.

Deciding: On where to go for my birthday. I’m hitting an important age that I have always put a landmark on. And God has been good thus far.

Wishing: There would be no more maternal deaths and women would be taken care of in the most delicate and heartful way.

Enjoying: My return to a minimal and tidy life. I got carried away last year.

Waiting: For a new washing machine and vacuum cleaner, embracing the power of technology and how much time and money it saves.

Liking: The quality and styles of the items in LC WAIKIKI stores, from the cardigans to the Tees, blouses, dresses and tunics. Come on now!

Wondering: About relationships. They are sweet and sour encounters and at some point draining enough to run away from.

LovingShonda Rhimes even more. I want to be like her like right now. A future birthday gift – take me to Shondaland.

Pondering: On my next course of action in my education level.

Listening: To Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. They lighten my spirit and strengthen my mind.

Considering: Silence this year more than any other year. Silence is Golden.

Buying: Books. Books and I will go all the way this year.

Watching: The Originals – Episode 1. I’m being optimistic about it. After the first season, I will switch to The Catch, produced by Shonda Rhimes. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with this woman.

Hoping: To have a bright year. I’m all in for the positivity, growth and all the good stuff.

Marvelling: At how possible it is for me to do certain things in life.

Cringing: At meeting people who have bad energy.

Needing: Peace and quiet.

Questioning: Why some people never listen, despite the honesty of the message.

Smelling: Cold air.

Wearing: A chiffon top and blue jeans.

Following: Stephen King fans on Instagram because I am now part of the Stephen King squad just from one book.

Noticing: The older I get, the more beautiful I’m becoming, naturally.

Knowing: My boundaries and realizing that I can’t do it all.

Thinking: Of how Shonda Rhimes does it all.

AdmiringThe Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, the royal purple one.

Getting: A number of followers here. Thank you, guys.

Bookmarking: The articles on books or travel sites.

Disliking: Liars the more I get older.

Opening: A new fresh writing pad for the new fresh content this year.

Giggling: In my lucid dreams. It’s a bummer that I always forget what made me laugh.

Feeling: Optimistic!

Helping: My siblings in their different life journeys the best way I can.

HearingThe Real Daytime show talk about Body Shaming.

Celebrating: Every new day and every writer in the world.

Pretending: To be holding it down but honey, I’m only human.

Embracing: The urge to open new doors for my mind to express herself. Each door open is a new script for you, my beautiful readers, to read.


Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to Tim Mossholder


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