At the time when Cleopatra & Ptolemy XII inherited Egypt 51 BC, another universe was filled with uproar.

Rumors were everywhere and each citizen was curious to know whether what they heard was true and what would happen.

That evening, an announcement would be made in the Kingdom of Azuri. Markets were filled, people trying to buy and fill their homes with as much as they could with the fear that there would be another war.

Mothers locked their children at home away from the commotion and fathers plastered the broken parts of the walls to last longer. In Azuri Kingdom, being rich meant living in the castle which referred only to King Azuri’s dynasty. He led his people and provided only what he felt fit for them.

The evening approached with the whole nation parading in front of the castle. Silence hosted its way into the crowd and nobody complained or murmured.

When the king’s subject arrived, the reason for the gathering was about to commence. A few steps away from him, King Azuri was seated in depression and alone. Where was Zuri?

The advisor began, ‘There have been rumors around that involve the princess of Azuri. This is to confirm that the information is correct. Yes, Princess Zuri…’.

Gasps could be heard from one corner, angry words thrown from another but silence kicked in again.

‘Princess Zuri stole the spare keys of the main chamber and gave it to our enemy with the false impression of freeing people from here. This is a major security risk and right about now, there could be an enemy amongst us and we don’t know’, he continued.

Panic consumed the people and some began separating from each other due to fear.

He concluded, ‘For this reason, Princess Zuri has been banished from the kingdom and will be teleported to another universe with a curse on her body. If any bribe occurs around her, her body will burn until she finds the crime and fights it. Only then will she relieve the pain. You are dismissed!’

Inside the Castle, Zuri was caged, with a witch in the same room preparing a spell, and a white dressed woman with round ugly glasses next to a machine that she had never seen before.

She had no idea what damage would be done to her body. She pleaded and cried her way out to no avail. The spell was performed and she was left unconscious.

What happened next was left into secrecy. Her travel landed her into a handgun shaped-like continent that was later discovered as Africa – The Queen of corruption!



Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to  Sven Scheuermeier


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