This is a dedication to humanity and how the Earth, turning black with rot, has clouded the very most important reasons for our existence.

What If I came with my old broom and swept out every surface of the Earth reaching the hidden corners, and got rid of the toxic egoistic living beings who call the wrong shots triggered by fear, jealousy, hate, anger, cults and so on.

What If I could float the worries and sadness that cloud the hearts of the helpless and find every way to give them hope from a smile or a hug.

What If I could write down chronicles of everyone’s life and portray his/her life’s worth despite living ordinary lives. Show you’re important!

What If I switched off the Money power wherever it is and break the spell that makes a man kill a fellow comrade or deprive a hungry mother food to feed her child.

What If I made a pause for a minute in all our lives and just ask, ‘Why are you here? What gets you up every day? And if nothing does, do you need help? Are you willing to surrender and discover your purpose? Because you have a purpose, best believe it!’

What If I made a pact with the Sun to burn out the worst days of our lives and retain the memories of the good just to make you smile and happy without looking at the past.

What If I told you that your mental movies, that portray you as this superhuman in all aspects, can come true but you have to act.

What If I assured you that you are not alone. There may be darkness and silence around you but you are not alone. I’m with you.

What If I closed into your future and whispered to you that your future is designed by what you are doing now. What are you doing this second?

What If I brought the sounds of the ocean waves and the sunset close to you just to put your phone down and help you unwind and reflect on that moment.

What If I invested in your creativity, would you give me your all?

What If I could converse with the universe so that the Law of Attraction could work for you daily.

What If I told you how you raise your child will make or break the society, with or without you.

What If I untied the knot that connects your sufferings with your being, and let you spread your wings and fly.

What If I ripped off the myths of being with a rich partner or having good sex is enough, and show you how lonely and stupid it all sounds.

What If I  closed your eyes to stop the undying lust to be someone other than yourself.

What If I danced to your voice and recorded your words into beats, would that prove you are special to me?

What If I brought you the last book in your Life series, would you want to read it?

What If I told you what makes you whole is right within you. Joy, Inner Peace, Love…

What If I showed you the sparks that you see on other people based on material possessions is just a way to distract you from what is really going on in their lives.

What If I created a routine for you to establish a form of balance in your life’s steering wheel.

What If I told you there is never a right time. Now is the right time. It’s the only time actually.

What If I assured you He has it under control and all you have to do is believe and surrender everything, the good and the bad.

What If I.

Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to  Alexander Mils


4 thoughts on “SECLUDED THOUGHTS – 4

  1. Love it…Thank you
    What If I closed into your future and whispered to you that your future is designed by what you are doing now. What are you doing this second?

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