The Originals

I can’t help but giggle the fact that I’m binge writing on this but I just can’t help it. I found it odd that I could sit down and watch vampires, wolves and witches entertain me with my screen spattered with blood here and there but I needed only one full dose of Nicklaus, Elijah and Marcel each, to realize I might have been the dumb one all along.
By just mentioning Marcel, I can already see my life partner’s face trying to report to his heart on how I react every time Marcel pops into the scene. I promise I don’t drool or see myself walking down the aisle staring ahead at him. I wouldn’t! Or…No! Is it hot in here?
Klaus’s British Accent has a warm lullaby tune to it. I would sleep like a baby listening to him speak. It’s a soothing, mild sexual and comforting whenever he says, ‘hello love’, yet dangerous. There is that feeling you get when you cuddle yourself under the bed covers after standing out in the cold. Klaus’s accent is equivalent to that warm sensation.
Now, my sweet Elijah’s composure smears on me from time to time. There is a way he stands with his chest robust and his straight back, and how he pauses in between talks gives me hope that there is such a thing as slow living; I don’t need to be in a hurry or move with the Earth’s pace. He’s noble and badass at the same time. He could protect you like a father and still devour you like a lover. But it’s all hidden behind that composure of his. He gets to me. There was a certain episode I think in Season 2 that I actually shouted in my living room, ‘If Elijah dies I’m never watching this series again!’, well he came back to life and I felt guilty because now Marcel knew he wasn’t my main fiction crush that we all thought. Ooh well!
Marcel! I’ll need a big cup of Cocoa, no sugar – that’s covered. There’s something that he does with his eyes when he’s flirting or just smiling. It’s very distracting and we need to focus on the mission. Ladies, we are so lucky that Klaus wouldn’t kill Marcel, him being his son. It’s known that if Klaus finds you destructed by Love, he smashes and kills it. But just to be safe, I will not react to his fierce and charming style. There was a time he was seated with Rebekah and asked, ‘You want to kiss me?’ and I thought I was making it up so I repeatedly played it so much that it’s seared into my mind. No kidding! I bet I could tear the grayish V-neck T-shirts he wears just in case he needed his life saved. Only to save his life! His life could need some saving at some point, no? And his bic-(coughing)-eps!
Fangirling is so much fun. I should do this often.
Do you watch The Originals? Who’s your favorite character?

Happy Reading 💚



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