Taking Stock: THREE (Birthday Edition)

Making: Whole grain recipes this season. The craving is ever-present. And every time I put on my apron (Yeah, it’s that intense for an apron to be involved), I feel like Sadia Badiei is guiding me through one of her comforting recipes.

Cooking: Up vacation ideas for me and the mister because life is too short to cave yourself into a routine forever. No?

Drinking: Banana shake with mango after a 10-minute workout.  This helps me look forward to working out. Food is a good motivation might I add.

Reading: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. @theguywiththebook recommended this book as a Psychological Thriller and I’m having a blast.

TrawlingHow To Cake It Youtube Channel. I have obsessively watched her. A package of one of Yolanda’s cakes and her sense of humor is a perfect birthday gift.

Wanting: Success for my siblings because I’m just excited about the amazing things that they could do. And I know they can. I sound just like a firstborn child.

Looking: Forward to reading Nnedi Okorafor’s books. I can’t wait to fill my mind up with her authentic bowls of African futurism. I can feel my brain drooling.

Deciding: On a major venture because financial freedom is a necessity in our generation.

Wishing: For happy and fulfilling upcoming days/months/years.

Enjoying: My birthday and looking forward to retaining the joy inside me and the peace around me.

Waiting: For Avengers: Endgame movie to be released.

LikingTamera Mowry-Housley’s Lifestyle. I relate and look up to her as a reminder of my own principles which relate to hers.

Wondering: Why certain parents decide to be parents and yet mistreat the role that they have been given. Shame on them!

Loving: The power of Youtube and how you can make a six-figure successful business out of it.

Pondering: On what kind of wedding dress I would like. They look the same to me. I’m sure someone just read this and flinched.

Listening: to Prince EA is so hypnotizing. He reaches to your heart and unshackles it to freedom.

Considering: Every idea/plan that will give me a better whole life.

Buying: A watch finally. Patek Philippe has been my longtime watch brand.

Watching: The Originals – Season 2. Elijah, Elijah, Elijah! That’s all I’ll say.

Hoping: My kids will not have my sensitive teeth. I inherited mine from my dad but miracles can happen. These are genes that I wouldn’t mind if they backfired, to be honest.

Marveling: At the taste of yummy vanilla cake in my mouth. I haven’t eaten cake in a while. Was it a health thing I was in? I can’t recall honestly.

Cringing: Every time I have to remove a baked cake from its pan.

Needing: Time to read, read and read. According to Goodreads 2019 challenge, I’m 2 books behind.

Questioning: What’s of value in my life. Our existence on this earth is short lived.

Smelling: The aroma of spicey cooked pigeon peas.

Wearing: A purple long dress because I’m Royalty on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. The universe and I are drafting the next life chapter. God is definitely the Editor of this beautiful magazine.

Following: Up One Big Happy Life Youtube Channel. You would think I was sired to Tasha’s Life.

Noticing: I survived my teen life and early twenties without alcohol or losing my mind.

Knowing: We need to be kind to each other. It’s an act that can make your worst enemy, your closest confidant.

Thinking: Of a better social media marketing strategy for my personal brand.

Admiring: Two companies @makereign and @nevercodehq.

Getting: Ready for drastic progress on my 2019 goals.

Bookmarking: My Bible and sharing God’s pounding Truth through my latest category Bible Scriptures.

Disliking: Meat sometimes. I’m no vegan or vegetarian. I just don’t feel it sometimes. Our relationship is on and off.

Opening: My mind to great possibilities.

Giggling: Every time I meet someone with an attractive personality.

Feeling: Happy and Grateful.

Helping: My Future by being in the Present.

Hearing: Nothing but the rhythm of silence.

Celebrating: My 28th Birthday. 28 has been an age I have held as a landmark for the longest time and now we are here. God has been more than awesome.

Pretending: To be focused on work. It’s Friday and my Birthday, come on now!

Embracing: The ecstatic state of my mind. I hope this lasts long enough to produce amazing results.

(If I get a dollar for every single time I have said or written the word ‘birthday‘ today, I will have food money enough for one whole week)

Cheers to a new chapter!

Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to Joanna Kosinska


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