5 Harsh Truths about ‘Relationships’

1. Bloom dies.

In the phase of minding your own business, he comes along and lays a red carpet of ‘Love’. Curiosity creeps in and you discover each other. Using the word ‘We‘ doesn’t sound strange anymore. When people see one of you, they pluralize their statements. You are a representation of each other. Next thing you know time flies and the bloom gets weaker either because of less time together, or concentration on other people, or there is nothing much to say. Bloom begins to die. The future depends on what you do at that point.

sean-kowal-496059-unsplash (1)

2. A Bowl of disappointments await you


In the beginning, this human being works his/her way to please you. The idea of losing you is unacceptable. The moment they succeed to capture your heart, they put their guard down. There is no effort in how they dress or present themselves towards you. Focusing on you is like a punishment to their soul. Your existence is replaced by someone else in their mind. Appreciation is the last thing you would search for at that point. It’s easy to get carried away and do things helplessly defending yourself, ‘I never meant to do it. It just happened‘. That’s why self-development is a necessity from birth. You need to be fully satisfied with yourself before introducing yourself to someone else. Nobody can complete you other than YOU.

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3. Repetitive accusations


You will get used to statements like, ‘I already heard‘ while they play with their phones. Anything that you do is wrong before their eyes. A sense of defense reigns due to the ego. A simple communication becomes an argument. At some point, you will be talking to a wall, no response just silence hitting back at you. The silent treatment is assumed as a good way of stopping a conversation but what they want is to hurt you.
They blame you for a problem that is really their problem. They forget the damage that they are causing; psychological stress and emotional abuse. Don’t beg them to talk to you, or return the silent statement. Focus on what makes you happy and find comfort in yourself and those who truly want to be with you.

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4. ‘Friends’ will be many

There’s self-esteem that you raise on your partner when you show them love and how important they are in your life. That’s a big deal to anyone. Now when ego gets in the way, they begin to think they are important to EVERYONE. They want to help out in other people’s relationships, be available even in the night for them (it doesn’t matter the sex). They think they are the gods, forgetting humility is what got YOU in the first place. Introduce ego and pride into a relationship and divorce/separation is not the only thing that one will be worried about.

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5. “I just don’t care” response


When someone does not care about you or has no emotional reaction to your life doing anymore, the Love is DEAD. You’ll be wasting your time to resuscitate it. This is why to retain a relationship, people separate early enough before they are both lost in a labyrinth of nothingness.

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Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to:    Olu Eletu


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