My 5 Favorite Tastes of Legume Goodness

If you love legumes as much as I do, I not only want you to navigate through my favorites but also share your recommendations. With containers of legumes in my space, I never lack ideas of what to cook even if I have been locked in the house the whole weekend binge-watching The Originals series. I always find a recipe that is fulfilling and that’s enough reason to fill my jars.

1. Lentils

There is nothing as refreshing as prepping up fresh, clean and boiled lentils from the fridge for supper. I use it to make soups and stews, but I don’t stop there. I can make it as a main dish with no starch involved. With the right spices here and additional ingredients there, I fill my bowl and my tummy receives its due.


2. Black Beans

I eat my boiled spicy black beans like peanuts. I spread some on my plate, sit on my favorite chair and pick as a snack. It’s hard to believe it, but at that point I’m in my happy place, not to be disturbed.


3. Pigeon Peas

The aroma of pigeon peas boiling in my home is the equivalence of a calming scent of rosemary in another home.

rawpixel-690293-unsplash (1).jpg

4. Mung Beans

Also called green grams, are prepared whenever chapatis have been rolled out. The combo has been an All-Time childhood favorite till today.


5. Fresh Peas

I love Peas so much that I get carried away when buying them. If cooked well, they are fresh light nuggets that burst into your mouth. I consider them vegetables, are they?



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Image Credits to:     Louis Hansel


2 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Tastes of Legume Goodness

  1. “I eat my boiled spicy black beans like peanuts.”, hahahahahha…..I can see how. And yes, I think fresh peas are vegetables! but now that you are questioning it am doubting myself, are they vegetables??


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