The Wonder of Silence

I find silence as the green smoothie to my mind. I have been heard many times making statements such as, ‘Please turn that down’ or whisper ‘This place is amazingly quiet. Can you hear that?’

At first, I thought it was an introvert thing then I realized that I unconsciously thirst for it. There are times my mind gets carried away and thoughts whirl at a critical speed, my tongue moves in my cheeks with my lips opening the doors of conversations. At such situations, I feel warm inside because they are talks that mean a lot to me.

Other than that, silence helps me control my emotions. My brain gets time to sweep up old emotions and file some that are needed for evidence or further investigations; a break to re-organize for what is yet to come. I have been called a silent killer for so many years and there is never a time where I tried to deny or defend. My blood welcomed the brand that the society created for me. Control of emotions gives you the power to choose and avoid petty things.

Silence blocks me from one of my biggest flaws –  arguing. Arguments drain me like a vampire’s bite. Stillness saves my ears from unnecessary noise and only one source to listen to. Listening helps me take out the key parts of the argument and make it stress-free for me to say less. I get away with simple answers like ‘Okay’.

Silence allows me to be alone- rekindle my relationship with myself. Listen to my body, nourish my soul with the most precious and intangible, and reintroduce myself over and over again.

It’s common for one to go to a club and take a beer listening to loud cracking music when stressed. A crowded mind that is continuously overcrowded cracks into small bits unaware. Quiet introspection is valuable for an empty mind.

Detox your mind from time to time with the magical nature of silence. It’s a priceless gift from the universe.

And there are always other forms of expression without compromising silence.

A healthy mind, a healthy life.


Happy Reading 💚


The Silent Patient

Image Credits to  Dingzeyu Li


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