Kinetic or Potential?

The odds of life are as a result of the conflicts we encounter based on what we believe in and what we have proof of. Religion has been studied and passed down to generations and yet with science we can’t help but question whether we have a chance to reason or it’s just a rustic play game that has no end just keeping us busy on this earth.

Telekinesis is such a mind-blowing power, pun intended, that I wouldn’t affirm whether I would rise as a hero or a villain if I had it. I haven’t wrapped up my mind around it yet, but I need your help. Is Telekinesis an evil power that dominates a chosen few to fulfill the devil’s agenda? Or is it a scientific malfunction that occurs in the brain due to extensive stress that causes the brain wires to cut? Would you help me with that?

It’s an unbelievable power to move objects around and it sounds impossible thus the spiritual group would refuse to conform to the possibility. So, what defines something as a miracle or a gift? When is a spontaneous supernatural act, a miracle? Do tell please.

I’m just thinking. Are you thinking too?

Open mindedness is a gift, it creates self awareness and thus one sees the possibilities where others see none or just one. It could be the devil coming to reign dominance and have revenge or just a peculiar and unique human species that has more capabilities than us. Whatever it is, Stephen King messed up with my mind and all I can ask is to read your mind and have the certainty that I’m not going out of my mind alone.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to chuttersnap


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